Anarcha Circle Disbanded, But Not Disolved


Anarcha-Feminists - Womyn-Identified and Trans* only

Hello Wonderful Anarchas!

Thanks to you all! Your contributions and participation made this circle happen over the last season.

This is our notice of closure: the Anarcha Reading Circle will no longer be meeting on Mondays.

We originally founded the Anarcha circle to collectively produce a zone for ourselves and others because so few Anarcha writings are readily available. We met to discuss topics of interest based upon our readings, with the intent to return to the writing at one point.

We are thrilled that our Anarcha evenings brought a great many of us together, and now we are ready to return to that original focus. Some of us have decided to concentrate on our writing and will continue meeting privately with the intention of publishing a zine foremost in mind.

We Anarchas are still here. We know eachother. We look forward to seeing ourselves in other contexts!


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