Illegalism, Pirates and Fugitives


VARC Updates - Weekly Readings

The readings for this week are a combination of a couple articles on Illegalism by Rob Los Ricos (aka Robert Thaxton) and the introductions to Gabriel Kuhn's book, Life Under The Jolly Roger.

Please read the section on Illegalism (including the subsections on french illegalism) and the section called Towards A Fugitive Future from of the Zine "Manufacturing Dissent" by Rob Los Ricos. Combined, these sections are only a few pages long, and you can find them by clicking on the Readings link and selecting the Current Reading in the menu on the left.

The second half of the discussion will be drawn from the first section of Life Under the Jolly Roger, pages 7-22.

thar can be found at ye bloody link ye limey bastards:

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